NDIS Key Role – Public Trustee

When an administrator is appointed, they are required to develop and implement a financial management plan that ensures the effective and responsible administration of the adult’s finances.

While a person is appointed a Public Trustee, they are welcome to co-sign documents however only the Public Trustee Officer’s signature is legally binding for legal purposes.

Duties can include:

  • Monitor the adult’s financial interests.
  • Ensure all entitlements are obtained.
  • Develop a budget.
  • Maintain clear and accurate records.
  • Initiate or follow-up any matters that affect the adult including taxation, social security, legal claims, and insurance.
  • Ensure that the adult participates in the decision-making process to the greatest extent practicable.
  • Recognise and consider the adult’s cultural and religious values.
  • Make funeral arrangements and after death requirements.
  • Sign all legal agreements.
  • Approve funding for purchases (purchases over $100 need 3 quotes).
  • Pay all bills.

What the Public Trustee does NOT do:

  • Schedule appointments.
  • Provide direct support.
  • Arrange holidays.
  • Acquire quotes.
  • Do not commonly attend stakeholder meetings.
  • Made decisions on any matters other than financial matters.

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