NDIS Key Role – Service Providers

Certain supports are required to be provided by people with specific qualifications and experience. Providers must ensure that they possess the relevant experience and understanding of working with people with disability in order to deliver high quality supports and to ensure that they are always able to act in the interests of participants.

SOME tasks may include (but are not limited to):

  • Make appointments.
  • Monitor health care appointments.
  • Follow up referrals.
  • Regular reports to Support coordinator, PTQ, OPG and NDIS.
  • Maintain shift reports.
  • Provide transport.
  • Research and arrange holidays, activities, relocation etc. and seek appropriate consents.
  • Provide and adhere to service agreement that has been signed by the appropriate person.
  • Monitor service booking and funding utilisation
  • Attend stakeholder meetings.
  • Arrange quotes for purchases as required Provide reports and updates as requested to NDIS, support coordinator, PTQ and OPG.

What a service provider does NOT do:

  • Make decisions on behalf of participant.
  • Engage new services.
  • Provide support outside of a service agreement dates.
  • Pay bills.

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