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Bowen Flexi Care

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Encourage and assist people to build the life they want.

Bowen Flexi Care


Coordination, Plan Management & Services. The new way of providing individualised support for eligible people with disabilities.

Bowen Flexi Care


Empowering people with disabilities to become stronger and more confident, especially in controlling ones life and claiming ones rights.

Bowen Flexi Care

amazing people

Our people inspire the individuals they work with to achieve their goals, aspirations and dreams.

We are inspired by the people we support.



Be Able

We feel privileged to provide a wide range of valued services to the people we support and their families, carers and members of the community through the effective delivery of flexible and individualised support plans.

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Amazing and dedicated professionals that love what we do


Highly experienced & qualified super stars

Our incredible team are passionate and dedicated to supporting and inspiring people in need to live healthy, connected lives within inclusive communities.

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