shared living support

Shared Living Arrangements

Bowen Flexi Care supports independence and choice with a range of accommodation options and can assist you to find the right accommodation with the right level of support.

Bowen Flexi Care provides several supported independent living options for individuals across The Whitsundays Region.

Our accommodation options include a mix of units/townhouses, group homes, individual accommodation in self-contained flats. All our houses meet accessibility standards and can be fitted with assistive technologies and equipment to suit each individual client’s needs.

Within our supported accommodation arrangements, Bowen Flexi Care can provide you with full or part-time care and support. Whether you need support around the clock or for just for a few hours a day, Bowen Flexi Care can work with you to design a support roster that best suits your needs.

To find out more about how we can support you with more permanent accommodation solutions, contact us today.