Meet our Board

Our incredible team are passionate and dedicated to supporting and inspiring people in need to live healthy, connected lives within inclusive communities.

Our Board
Our Board
  • Julian Gaffney, President and Treasurer
    President and Treasurer

    Julian Gaffney

    I have been a board member of Bowen Flexi Care since November 2004

    I currently hold the positions of President and Treasurer.

    I am a local and have been Coordinator of Bowen/Collinsville Family Day Care since 2002.

    I enjoy my involvement with Bowen Flexi Care and believe we make a difference to many.

  • blank
    Vice President

    Mark Lowcock

  • Meg Hogan
    Ordinary Member

    Meg Hogan

    In March 2021 I was appointed a member of Bowen Flexi Care’s management committee.I moved to Bowen in 2004 from a Banking corporate life in Brisbane. I currently own and manage two businesses being a local café and a tree lopping and yard maintenance business.With many years’ experience in business coaching and also owning and selling a successful caravan park business, I bring quality skills and knowledge to the management committee.