NDIS plan

NDIS Plan Management

Plan management with Bowen Flexi Care gives you all the benefits of self-managing your NDIS funding without the financial, administrative or coordination workload.

Bowen Flexi Care can manage your NDIS Plan on your behalf as your Plan Manager.

Having Bowen Flexi Care manage your NDIS funds has many advantages such as reducing the financial administrative burden on you, such as keeping accounts and paying provider invoices.

If Bowen Flexi Care is your Plan Manager, you will receive a monthly statement which will let you know how your funds have been spent, and how much funding you have for future services.

If you receive NDIS funding for Plan Management speak with us regarding how we can help you manage your funding.

Maybe you want to be able to partly self-manage your funds, such as managing your consumables budget but don’t want the hassles of having to do service booking and organising payment for services? No problem, we can work with you so you can have different parts of your NDIS Plan managed in different ways

We welcome all enquiries regarding Plan Management, so please contact us.